P-Daddy P. Bass pickup - Coils Boutique
P-Daddy P. Bass pickup - Coils Boutique
P.Daddy Vid


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The “P-Daddy” is a dynamic pickup with lots of mids and twang, great response, transparency and vintage attributes – just as a P-Bass should be. The P.Daddy was given to this model because that its design was based on the original 57 P-Bass.

Like all of our pickups, this is not a replica! But a design inspired by the source. We balanced it, extended the EQ range, and added more clarity to the tone.

The sound emerges from this pickup is highly authentic but with an added “punch” and depth to it. It goes without saying that a P-Bass pickup is not the most versatile pickup there is, but with the P.Daddy model you will integrate in every genre.

  • It’s a cover. With color…

    4 or 5 String Bass configuration.

    Choose "0" for original setting, "+5%" for higher output, warmer and darker tone, "-5%" for lower output, brighter and crispier tone.

    Wax Potting is done to prevent microphonic feedback. Unpotted pickup may produce feedback but have vintage like qualities and a brighter tone.

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Technical Specs

Magnet: Beveled Alnico V
Coil: 42 AWG Plain-Enamel Pickup Coil
Resistance: ~11.2KΩ
EQ and Output (5-Highest, 1-Lowest):
T : ***
M: ***
B : ***

Wiring & Potting

“P-Daddy” pickup is wax potted as standard.
Compatible with other Coils Boutique Bass Pickups models.
Vintage style Push-back Wire