Panzer P. Bass pickup - Coils Boutique
Panzer P. Bass pickup - Coils Boutique


113.00 $

“Panzer” is a strong and powerful P-Bass pickup. It carries more bass and less mids than the common P-Bass, For heavier playing styles and genres. If you need a fatter and bigger sound, you will find this pickup a perfect replacement for your old pickup.

A lot of players, especially in modern genres such as different Metal styles, R&B and many more, need that uncompromising force with massive, deep and most importantly, clear lows. We sat down to design the Panzer, the outcome was absolutely scary! We’ve created a super-powerful, giant sound!

Unsurprisingly, this pickup performs extremely well in drop tunings because it manages to keep all the all low frequencies stable and clear, simply a tank!

  • It’s a cover. With color…

    4 or 5 String Bass configuration.

    Choose "0" for original setting, "+5%" for higher output, warmer and darker tone, "-5%" for lower output, brighter and crispier tone.

    Wax Potting is done to prevent microphonic feedback. Unpotted pickup may produce feedback but have vintage like qualities and a brighter tone.

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Technical Specs

Magnet: Beveled Alnico V
Coil: 42 AWG Heavy-Formvar Pickup Coil
Resistance: ~11.6KΩ

Wiring & Potting

“Panzer” pickup is wax potted as standard.
Compatible with other Coils Boutique Bass Pickups models.
Vintage style Push-back Wire