PJ Set

152.00 $

Here you can assemble your perfect set!

Funky Town is a punchy, accurate and dynamic pickup. With kicking lows, balanced mid range and clear highs.
Nibiru is a fat sounding pickup, with massive deep lows, wide mids, and milder highs.
J-Low is a full range EQ pickup with great versatile capabilities. It features deep basses and rich highs, clear and accurate tone and more mids than the average J sound.

P-Daddy is dynamic with lots of mids and twang, great response, transparency and vintage attributes.
Panzer is strong and powerful. It carries more bass and less mids than the common P-Bass.
Spank is a punchy and dominant pickup that cuts through the mix using wide and accentuated Mids, round Highs and stable Lows.

Recommended sets:
Funky Daddy – Funky Town & P-Daddy
Black Hole – Nibiru & Panzer
Mary Jane – J-Low & Spank

    It’s a cover. With color…

    Choose Flat for guitars with fretboard radius higher than 9.5". Contact us for Left-Handed staggered option.

    Wax Potting is done to prevent microphonic feedback. Unpotted pickup may produce feedback but have vintage like qualities and a brighter tone.

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Technical Specs

Funky Town                                    P-Daddy
Alnico V                             Magnet: Beveled Alnico V
42 AWG Heavy-Formvar        Coil: 42 AWG Plain-Enamel
~7.9KΩ                        Resistance: ~11.2KΩ

J-Low                                                Panzer
Alnico V                            Magnet: Beveled Alnico V
42 AWG Poly-Nylon               Coil: 42 AWG Heavy-Formvar
~9.1KΩ                       Resistance: ~11.6KΩ

Nibiru                                               Spank
Beveled Alnico V              Magnet: Alnico V
42 AWG Plain-Enamel            Coil: 42 AWG Plain-Enamel
~9.7KΩ                        Resistance: ~10.4KΩ


All PJ Sets are are wax potted as standard.
Vintage style Push-back Wire