Slingshot Jazzmaster pickup - Coils Boutique
Slingshot Jazzmaster pickup - Coils Boutique


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The “Slingshot” is punchy, snappy, with a wider EQ range than the average Jazzmaster and softer in at the mid-range area. Perfect for Rockers who want to dampen the original harshness for a bigger tone.

The Jazzmaster tone is identified many times with the indie music, usually shares a violent mid-range frequencies that in a lot of cases limits the players versatility. This is exactly the issue we wanted to address when we designed the Slingshot model.

That pickup is broader in its frequency range, more balanced and versatile and will balance your Jazzmaster without changing the unique Jazzmaster character signature.

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Technical Specs

Magnet: Alnico V
Coil: 42 AWG Heavy-Formvar Pickup Coil
Resistance: Bridge: ~7.14KΩ Neck: ~6.6KΩ

Wiring & Potting

“Slingshot” pickups are RW/RP designed for hum-canceling in the middle position and are wax potted as standard.
Vintage style Push-back Wire

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