Oomph Humbuckers pickup - Coils Boutique
Oomph Humbuckers pickup - Coils Boutique


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The Oomph pickup is rich in harmonics and has an extremely wide frequency range. It is also highly versatile and clean sounding with a great fast response. Goes beautifully with hollow body guitars for a fatter and modern rich sound. (Best Seller)

The PAF Humbucker (invented by Seth Lover in 55’) is an essential tonal characteristic of the famous 57’-60’ Gibson Les Paul Standard guitars, worldwide known standard that holds a great share of today’s sound perception.

After handling countless PAF pickups, we’ve spotted a common flaw in some of them, a choked-up and foggy sound with narrow EQ-range. That flaw is what made us design the Oomph Humbucker Model, and as its name, it comes with a big Oomph! We took that PAF Richness and depth and pushed it up to maximum performance, with more dynamics, broader EQ range, more gain and of course the universal PAF sound.

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Technical Specs

Magnet: Alnico V
Coil: 42 AWG Poly-Nylon Pickup Coil
Resistance: Bridge: ~9.1KΩ Neck: ~8.2KΩ

Wiring & Potting

“Oomph” pickups are wax potted as standard. Compatible with other Coils Boutique Humbucker or P-90 Retrofit pickup models.
– 4 Conductor Wire


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