Mojito Humbuckers pickup - Coils Boutique
Mojito Humbuckers pickup - Coils Boutique


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The “Mojito” design is fast responsive and wide in its frequency range. This humbucker also contains a very unique dynamic response – the harder you play, the harsher and sharper the sound becomes and when strumming softly you will get a round and warm sound.

The Mojito pickups focus on dynamics, we wanted to create a model with asymmetric attributes just like the old pickups where the dynamics of your playing effects even more on the EQ range.

We took these parameters and combined them with more modern characteristics like healthy gain and harmonic richness and with no feedbacks! Furthermore, the Mojito is a very good humbucker for modes split due to the use of two different coils in the humbucker.

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Technical Specs

Magnet: Alnico V
Coil: Specialty Coil
Resistance: Bridge: ~10.9KΩ Neck: ~10.2KΩ

Wiring & Potting

“Mojito” pickups are wax potted as standard.
Compatible with other Coils Boutique Humbucker or P-90 Retrofit pickup models.
4 Conductor Wire


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