Mother Lover Humbuckers pickup - Coils Boutique
Mother Lover Humbuckers pickup - Coils Boutique

Lover Boy

146.00 $

The “Lover Boy” humbucker is open and “airy”, highly dynamic and rich in harmonics. It features a low vintage gain and a  clear and clean sound. When combined with drive it gets a very unique and slightly grainy tone.

The guitar world has a lot to thank Seth Lover for his invention of the PAF humbucker pickup that became a world class famous and a popular standard. As a tribute to this genius man, we came up with the “Lover Boy” set, a pickup with deep, low-gained vintage attributes.

This model works great as a set or with a humbucker-single coil setup! Combines beautifully with the older genres such as Classic Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, and more.


Technical Specs

Magnet: Alnico II
Coil: 42 AWG Plain-Enamel Pickup Coil
Resistance: Bridge: ~7.4KΩ Neck: ~7.4KΩ

Wiring & Potting

“Lover Boy ” pickups are wax potted as standard.
Compatible with other Coils Boutique Humbucker or P-90 Retrofit pickup models.
4 Conductor Wire


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