5 String Bass Guitar



Drawing inspiration from the formidable energy of ocean waves, “Tsunami” seamlessly fuses nature’s power with musical craftsmanship. Its sleek, undulating design and dynamic tonal character produce a massive, aggressive yet clear sound.

  • Original Coils Boutique Design

  • Hand Made Instrument

  • One-Piece Korina Body

  • Maple Neck

  • Pau Ferro Fretboard

  • Hand-made Pickups

  • Custom Electronics Option

The Electronics:

Pickup Selector Only (Custom Pre-Amp Option)

The Bridge:

Gotoh 404B0-5

The Body:

One piece Korina in a Flat Sawn Cut

The Pickups:

Coils Boutique Custom Funky Town HC – This set’s design was composed out of the Coils Boutique Funky Town 4 srting blueprints. The new modifications include a Soap-Bar design and a Hum-Canceling option

The Neck:

One piece Mapel with Korina top on the headstock

The Fretboard:

Comfortable 12″ radius fretboard made from Pau Ferro

The Nut:

Pigmented Bone

The Tuners:

Ultralight Hipshot USA for maximum tuning stability

Alone SageCoils Boutique Founder