Crafting your one and only

We create one of a kind musical masterpieces designed in-house and crafted by hand. Our creative process can be portrayed as a sculptor revealing his art out of a rough piece of rock. For us the instrument already exists within the wood, our role is to listen and bring it out so it can rock this world.

As musicians we used to spend countless hours in guitar stores searching for our musical companions, looking for that one guitar that rings and feels just right, that resonates with our soul. Here at Coils Boutique we transform this journey into a personalized process, crafting instruments that fulfill the true needs and specifications of the player.


One-Piece Instruments


Designed & Hand Made


No Models or Templates

Top Quality

Superior Finish & Materials

5 String Bass Guitar

5,180.00 $

The Sahara Bass Guitar is an artisan top level instrument crafted by hand from high quality materials. The Sahara is dynamic yet well balanced and highly resonative. It produces an exceptionally wide tone with a super-rich EQ range.

Hand Made Lap Steel

1,850.00 $

The Musket is an artisan top level instrument crafted and sculptured 100 percent by hand. The essence of Musket is simplicity, with a deceiving complex design. It produces a sweet and warm sound with high clarity and resonance.

One-Piece Korina Guitar

3,700.00 $

“Mika” is an instrument with phenomenal resonative abilities that stretches the EQ range limits. The true resonance of materials lies within solid materials, vibrations are energy that transcends through every part of the instrument.