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Bridging the gap of technical knowledge & expanding the understanding of sound

This series of articles explores the points any electric guitarist and bass player should be familiar with –
Particularly before upgrading or purchasing an instrument.

So, why is this field so unfamiliar to so many in the guitar and bass community? There are many reasons as to why this field is unfamiliar – ranging from psychological and emotional reasons to more technical ones:

1. The technical barrier

When speaking of electronics most guitarists and bass players get confused and bewildered, especially ones lacking a background in electronics or signal flow. However,now after we broke down the technicalities, you can see that it’s simpler than previously perceived. Don’t be afraid to research for more information, compare sounds and get to know your instrument.

2. The ‘romantic’ reason

When referring to our own musical instrument, a lot of musicians might tend to get poetic and care about the instrument’s story, the journey it has gone through, the year of manufacturing and more, rather than the guitar qualities.

We must remember that at the end of the day it’s a piece of wood with a very simple setup of electronic components (that hold a never-ending world inside of it). Wood can be categorized and measured, so can moisture, age, etc. Electronic features can also all be measured – resistance, output, component types etc.

While the real ‘magic’ comes from the hearts and minds of the musicians behind these instruments. Great instruments come from good manufacturing and design, just like any art.

3. Experience

Learning to play music is a long process and getting to know your instrument in depth could take years, and many more until you understand the meaning of a good sound (this is of course just the subjective aspect). Don’t forget that the instrument plays an important part, a synergy between the player and the instrument occurs and a good sounding instrument can deeply affect the way we play.

4. Budget

Beginners usually don’t know if they want to go professional or just keep it as a hobby, in many cases they might be too young or unexperienced to consider these details or comprehend the many variables a good instrument possesses.

At Coils Boutique, we encourage you to explore and research the different possibilities and opportunities this world has to offer.

As pickup specialists and instrument craftsmen, we’re eager to promote the pickup reputation, help you get a better grasp about the instrument you’re playing, and share our knowledge with you all.

Thank you for reading, we’d love to hear from you.


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