About the Artist

TATRAN formed in 2011 and is an instrumental virtuosic alternative trio, consisting of Offir Benjaminov (Bass), Tamuz Dekel (Guitar) and Dan Mayo (Drums).

Since then the band has recorded two studio albums (“Shvat” and “No Sides”), one live album (“Soul Ghosts”) and currently performs all around the world.

Product Reviews

Coils Boutique Pickups have changed my whole playing experience on my 74 Jazzbass. The balance between the high frequency clarity and the depth of the lows is perfect. I feel that on stage, in the studio and in the positive reactions from our sound engineers. It is a vintage guitar and with these pickups I get the modern tone that is relevant to our times which makes it for me - perfect.

Offir BenjaminovUsing the Funky Town Pickup

Coils Boutique pickups are truly unique.
I have the Heaven & Hell model on my Strat, and it gives exactly what I wanted for a long time.
A much fatter, sweeter, clearer and richer sound, with more sustain and responsiveness. you can really feel the love and attention they put in their work.

Tamuz DekelUsing the Heaven & Hell for Strat Pickup