About the Artist

Shredhead is an Israeli Metal band formed in 2010 and consists of Aharon Ragoza (Vocals), Yotam Nagor (Guitar), Lee Lavy (Bass) and Roee Kahana (Drums).

The band has released 2 albums (a third is on the way) and has been tearing apart stages all over the world while working, recording and performing with world class metal artists and producers.

Product Reviews

I’ve been playing Metal more than a decade now, and for a long time I was searching for the right way to get that punch of a high-gain sound.
I've finally found it! We've been using the "Black" throughout the recording of our new album and we were just blown away by the pickups' brutal sound, and the range and versatility they add to both lead and rhythmic parts.
If you are looking for a new pickup that will give your sound a new edge, this is the place to get it.

Yotam NagorUses The Black Pickup