About the Artist

Rina Schogel is an Israeli session Bass player with years of experience.

Rina has been playing with many top Israeli artists in all kinds of genres all across the country. (such as “Nechi Nech”, Hedva Amrani, Tom Geffen, Erez Netz, “Eatliz” and many more)

In 2014 established an all girl band called “Yes Ma’am!” and in 2018 founded the trio “Tri”

Product Reviews

I’ve owned my JB reissue over a decade.
I always knew it’s a good guitar but I also felt that it lacks some edge and versatility, its sound was just too “blunt”.
Coils Boutique upgraded my guitar with the Funky Town model and I’ve discovered a whole new frequency range.
My static sound has become much more versatile and it feels like the guitar is much more sensitive to my touch.
Now I can tweak my sound exactly how I want, whether it’s Funk, Jazz, fat, thin you name it.
I couldn’t ask for better pickups and it’s hard to describe how substantial that change was for my whole playing experience.
Now every soundcheck I get compliments!

Rina SchogelUsing the Funky Town Pickup