About the Artist

Ram Orion is a musician, singer, guitarist and producer.

Member of “The Girls”, “HaPe Ve HaTlapaim”, “Aviv Mark Ve HaMavet/Netsah”, “Nos’ey HaMigba’at”, “Carmella Gross Vagner”, and “Trei Zuzei”.

Ram Orion has played with Amir Lev and is currently playing with Eran Zur and Asaf Amdursky. Produced “Reiskind”, Hila Ruah, “Shaelet Nefotsa” and “Rutsi Buba”

Product Reviews

My set of Pickups is installed on my Washbourne 84 Eagle that got back to me through Facebook second hand group.
A great combination of the Humbucker features (sustain, reduced noise and presence) with biting highs and an output that reminds me of single pickup qualities.
That guitar also has a split which makes its sound, with these pickups, super clean and clear.

Ram OrionUses Lover Boy Humbucker