About the Artist

Nir Popliker is a guitar player, composer, arranger and educator.
Nir’s unique style draws inspiration from jazz, rock and world music.
Popliker plays regularly with Korin Allal, Eric Berman, Tal Sondak, Lee Gaon and A. Azizi.
Co-founder and musical producer as well as composer and writer for the bands Electric Desert and Bamidbar.
As a music educator Popliker teaches in the Arison campus of the performing arts in Tel Aviv and is the head of guitar, bass and drums department in west Hezliyia conservatory.

Product Reviews

The most dynamic and responsive Tele pickups I’ve ever played on. Very fat and rich for a
Telecaster traditional pickup (with that famous twang we all love) while the neck pickup has sweet and bluesy.
It has a big and open sound for a single coil and the bridge pickup bites just right.. it didn't lose any of the classic twang. Only now, when balanced, it's not hurting my ears with beautiful highs and fantastic articulation. Both pickups clean up real nice when rolling down the volume without losing the higher frequencies, and are also very versatile when rolling the tone knob. Highly recommended!!

Nir PoplikerUses Old Faithful

I needed a low output humbucker pickup that is very responsive to my playing style and
doesn’t lose harmonics while rolling down the volume knob. The Lover Boy gave me just that!!. The Neck pickup is very bluesy and creamy, very warm, but not muddy! Sings when soloing and cuts nice through the mix. Works great in both dirty and clean musical styles and great for Jazz, Blues and good old Rock’n’roll. The bridge pick up has a very "meaty" sound but carries an open and "airy" feeling. Great classic rock sound, very dynamic and very responsive. Both pickups work great together in the middle position, and I've found myself using the middle position a lot more since I got the Lover Boy.

Nir PoplikerUses Lover Boy Humbuckers

A P-90 in a humbucker size cavity! My latest purchase and I still can’t believe the versatility of this one. The neck pickup has the most beautiful crunchy, creamy tones I’ve ever heard from a P-90 humbucker sized pickup, and get this… not muddy at all (which is rare for p-90’s!).
It is highly responsive, cuts nicely through the mix…great for Jazz and blues and has a very strong presence. The Bridge pickup is very percussive, has that nice twang feeling you would normally expect from a Telecascter but with a nice growl! Cleans up beautifully when rolling down the volume knob and doesn’t lose mojo when rolling down the tone 😉
It is a very versatile pickup!… I can play a whole gig with the bridge pickup using only the volume and tone knobs.
Since I switched to Recoil 5 my LP sings and has become my main axe. I still haven’t recorded much with that one but you can hear it in the music I composed for the off Broadway play - Ketchup or Mustard.

Nir PoplikerUses Recoil V (Retro-Fit)