About the Artist

Mickey Warshai (1980) is a session player from Tel Aviv. Regularly accompanies some of the top Israeli singers and songwriters such as Maor Cohen, Miri Mesika, Danny Sanderson, Danny Robas and Tamar Eisenman on their shows and albums.

Collaborated with many more Israeli artists such as Chava Alberstein, Rami Kleinstein, Ariel Horowitz and Keren Peles on their albums throw the years.

A member in the “Avi lebovich orchestra” since 2004 which Released 5 cd’s and preformed in Europe, South Africa and Canada throw the years.

Product Reviews

After years of looking for the right Precision Bass I found a Japanese 64’ reissue that fits me just right.
I decided to to try the Coils Boutique Pickups because I was looking for clarity.
I got what I wanted and more! That pickup gave me that clarity I was looking for and a “gained up” and a bit rougher Precision sound.

Using the P.Daddy Set