About the Artist

Mati Gilad (1989) is a Bass and Double Bass player from Tel Aviv.

Thelma-Yalin High school graduate and spent 3 years in the military band.

Mati is currently playing and performing all around the world with Lola Marsh. Mati is also a member of the successful Israeli group “Jane Bordeaux”, plays with Uzi Navon and also takes part in all kinds of indie projects like “Kochevet-Al”.

Product Reviews

I’ve been touring a lot in the past years and up until now I was carrying my heavy and expensive 70’s precision, which led to a lot of head and back aches!
not to mention the airport fights, and the anxiety when it gets sent to the trunk with all the passengers baggage or just in the van under other heavy equipment, but no more!
I’ve bought a light and cheap Precision Squier upgraded it with Coils Boutique Pups and they have made it sound just like the real deal! Thank you Gon and Alone!

Using the P.Daddy Pickup