About the Artist

Joseph E-Shine (Mizrachi), is an Israeli multi-instrumentalist and music producer. E-Shine is considered one of Israel’s busiest artists in the past few years, and was labeled a “wonder boy” from an early stage.

By the age of 30 he already had 5 Gold Records, dozens of successful productions, and high-profile international performances and collaborations.

Product Reviews

My introduction to the Coils Boutique 'Mashup' pickup was a real game changer for me.
I had a cheap Yamaha 12-string electric guitar that i once got as an exchange for session work. The guitar felt good but it's tone was far from something I felt I could really use at the studio/live.
Alone offered to try the 'Mashup' on it and since then it has been used on a handful of records and live shows with artists such as Ninet Tayeb, Acollective and many more.
The Mashup's gentle compression and wide harmonic range, as well as its overall balance makes it the PERFECT pickup for an instrument such as a 12 string electric which could be tricky and overly resonant at times.

Joseph E-ShineUsing Mashup Pickup