About the Artist

DUKATALON is an Israel-based metal band formed in 2007.

Starting out as a groove oriented sludge-metal band in the album Saved By Fear (2009, Relapse Records), the band later progressed to a more fast-paced metal style with atmospheric and melodic guitar licks and are currently working on their second album to be released soon.

Product Reviews

I play a 78 P-Bass, for me it is still the best bass there is, but some of the drawbacks of it being a vintage instrument were getting in the way of the modern needs I developed through years of playing heavy music in drop tuning, and I realised that something must be changed. I tried many bass guitars and my Precision always felt the best.
So I switched to Coils Boutique's PANZER pickup and ever since my life in the studio and on stage got a lot easier and fun.
First thing I noticed after turning on my distortion pedal was the fact that there was no feedback at all! And then the sound just blew my mind! So much more bottom end and high harmonics came out of the speakers without compromising the warm mid range characteristics of the P-bass that I love so much, other pickups I've tried always failed in that part. .
With the PANZER my sound is thicker, tighter, has much more punch and most important I can cut through the mix without a struggle.

Roi Ben ShmuelUses Panzer

For years I thought my Les Paul sound was the best there is for me until Alone approached me and suggested I try his new set of Humbuckers. I've tried a few modern boutique ones over the years and they always sounded "too good" but in a bad way.
When Alone installed the Oomph Humbuckers on my Les Paul, I was just blown away, my guitar sounded bigger and clearer , and most importantly- without any loss of the classic Les Paul character.

Zafrir TzoriUses Oomph Humbuckers