About the Artist

Danny Weissfeld is a guitar player who has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world including Kelly Clarkson, Anastasia, James Blunt, Clay Aiken and more, both live on stage and in the studio .

He has also played and recorded with the biggest names in the Israeli music scene, Idan Raichel, Arkadi Duchin, Rita, HaDag Nahash, Avraham Tal, Idan Amedi and more.

Danny is currently working on a project recording the melodies of the Kabbalist “Ba’al HaSulam” on electric Guitar: http://sulammusic.com/

Product Reviews

I had an old Mexican Jazzbass that felt amazing to play, but just sounded too muddy for me to use in a professional gig. So i went and had the Coils Boutique pickups installed in it, and now i like it better than any American Jazzbass I ever played on.

Danny WeissfeldUsing Nibiru Pickup