About the Artist

Dan Dohovic is an Israeli Bass player oriented in alternative genres.

Used to play with the Hardcore\Metal band ‘Coma7’, performing locally and touring in Europe. Currently plays in the Post-Rock band ‘InTime’, debuting their first release in 2018.

Product Review

I play very intensively, usually with a pick, and I like a dirty and low bass tone.
I was searching for pickups that would give me that 'GROWL' of a thunderous low-mid without losing the presence of the highs but most importantly - I wanted to get that 'rounder' sound.
This is exactly what I got with my Coils Boutique's Panzer and Funky Town pickups.
The Panzer, in the middle position, gives me that clear low range, a warm and round sound, while making it easy to control that explosiveness. It is an absolute beast.
The Funky Town, in the bridge position, adds clarity and magic to the overall sound. I'm dialing it in just a bit for that extra sparkle.

This pair is not a one trick pony. It is a versatile one, making it easy to dial different tones.

Dan DohovichUsing the "Funky Town" and "Panzer" Pickups