About the Artist

Cain & Abel 90210 is an Israeli power trio who combine elements of Prog Metal, Punk, Stoner Rock and Doom Metal in Hebrew!

The band had already released 2 studio albums, and currently working on a third album that’s about to be released in August 2018.

Product Reviews

I purchased the Panzer set over a year ago and had it installed on my Mexican P.Bass, it always sounded great.
After some time, a friend had loaned me his American 76 Precision Bass (also packed with the Coils Boutique Panzer pickup). Only then I came to realize how good this pickup really is.
This pickup transmits perfectly the essence of your instrument while being totally transparent.
It also shares a “rude” attitude with a nice cutting mid-range that emphasizes the guitar’s character.
This pickup is perfect and I recommend to install it on a good guitar.

Shaul LuriaUses Panzer

My new pickups are the best and most violent pickups I've ever heard!
My guitar just opened up with the help of the "Oomph" pickups and my Les Paul sings like it never sang before.
It feels like I've been playing on a guitar with closed sinuses up until now and in one simple upgrade I got a new guitar!
Everything sounds so warm and accurate and my guitar just purrs like a lion. I highly recommend every sensible guitarist to take action and upgrade his instrument and start hearing its true capabilities for the first time.

Jonathan HashiloniUses Oomph Humbuckers