About us

We offer extensive knowledge and expertise gained during many years of experience in the music industry. Handling electric and bass guitar, components crafting, sound engineering and music making.

We provide customizations, repairs and manufacturing at the highest level of craftsmanship with unparalleled attention to detail. We use top quality materials and a whole lot of soul. This is our passion.

Coils Boutique pickups are truly unique

Tamuz Dekel (Tatran)Pickup: Heaven & Hell For Stratocaster

Coils Boutique Pickups have changed my whole playing experience on my 74’ Jazzbass

Offir Benjaminov (Tatran)Pickup: Funky Town on a Jazzbass

For so long I was searching for the right way to get that punch of an high-gain sound and I've finally found it

Yotam Nagor (Shredhead)Pickup: The Black Humbucker on a Les Paul Guitar

Thank you for making me fall in love again with my old Strat, it is now my favourite guitar!

Gil LewisPickup: Mashup for Stratocaster

That’s what a pickup should do!

Yogev CohenPickup: Heaven & Hell on a Stratocaster

The most dynamic and responsive Tele pickups
I’ve ever played on

Nir PoplikerPickup: Recoil 5 P-90 & Oomph Humbucker on a Gibson Les Paul Guitar

The experience and service is one of the best I’ve ever seen

Lior AufgangPickup: Heaven & Hell on a Gibson RD Guitar

A must-have pickup!

Eliran KalinskyPickup: Oomph Humbucker on a Kay Guitar

I recommend Coils Boutique from the bottom of my heart

Eyal SadePickup: Mother Lover Humbucker on a Schecter Jazz 6 Guitar

The H&H pickup has upgraded my guitar in every possible parameter. Dynamic range, fat and full sound in every position, true pleasure!

Yuval VilnerPickup: Heaven & Hell on a Telecaster

I can cut through the mix without undesired and harsh frequencies

Bar HussPickup: Old Faithful on a Telecaster

Gon Zadok

Marketing & business development

Alone Sage

Guitar technician, designer & builder

Ronen Levy

Pickup designer & builder

Okay, You’ve Heard Enough About Us

Okay, You’ve Heard Enough About Us